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Water Damage Repairs
When it comes to carpet water damage is its primary enemy! Water damage on carpeting can be a disaster in your home especially during the winter months in Georgia. Broken or pinhole leaks in water supply lines, pipes, leaky appliances, heavy rainstorms and freezing temperatures in northwest Georgia quickly teach lessons on the destructive power that water can be to your home and bank account! The damages can easily be in the thousands while the time spent to correct the issues can take months.
Carpeting submerged in water from a cracked water line, ruptured hot water heater, or slab leak doesn't necessarily mean it is completely ruined providing the water is not black or gray. When you have wet carpet and padding you will need to dry it out as quickly as possible. It is also important to know that the tack strips along the wall will also need to be replaced if the water has weakened them.
The penalty for taking too long to correct water damage issues is moldy carpet and padding, bad odors, and bacteria growth to name a few. Mold and mildew release mold spores into the air which is known to cause severe allergic reactions such as nasal congestion, fatigue, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing, especially to those individuals with a known mold allergy. There are several mold cleaning, prevention, and mold removal methods that really work to eliminate mold & mildew in carpets. This is a multi-process that includes the use of several germicides, anti-microbials and biocides for sanitizing and eliminating mold in the carpets. Prompt action is important from the homeowner when incidents occur to ensure a successful water damage cleanup and reconstruction if needed. In most cases if the issue is small we are able to restore the carpets again to their fresh and clean condition.
Some of our water damage repair services include:
Basement Cleanup. Mildew Cleanup.
Basement Flood Cleanup. Mold Remediation.
Basement Flood Removal. Mold Removal.
Basement Flooding. Sewage Cleanup.
Basement Waterproofing. Sewage Damage.
Broken Water Lines. Sewage Removal.
Clogged Toilets. Sewage Restoration.
Crawl Space Drying. Sewer Backups.
Decontamination. Sink & Toilet Overflows.
Dehumidification. Slab Leak Repair.
Drain Backups. Wall Moisture.
Emergency Water Removal. Water Damage Cleanup.
Fire Sprinkler Cleanup. Water Damage Mitigation.
Flood Damage Cleanup. Water Damage Repair.
Flood Damage Restoration. Water Damage Removal.
Flood Recovery. Water Extraction.
Leaking Roofs. Water Mitigation.
Smart Touch Carpet Repairs, a certified water restoration firm, provides 24/7 same day service in Acworth and surrounding areas for water damage cleanup and can assist with the reconstruction for property owners. We understand that water damage restoration is an emergency business. Our skilled technicians are ready to inspect your location and are prepared to take on any challenge!
Smart Touch Carpet Repairs offers quick emergency response for sink or toilet overflows, a leaky roof, a burst pipe, a leaky pipe, or wall moisture. One of our emergency water restoration experts will be on the scene in 60 minutes or less to assess the water damage. You will then receive an assessment, during which our expert will locate all affected areas using moisture meters and thermal infrared cameras.

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