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Carpet Stretching
Do you need your carpet stretched or re-stretched? We Can Help!
Are you considering new carpet for your home? While most want to throw out their old carpet we would like for you to consider another option that may save your wallet known as carpet stretching! In no time your carpet repairs can be fixed for good. The beauty of this carpet repair method is that it eliminates the need to install a new carpet. Consider this repair option first as an effective, low-cost alternative to return your carpet to it's natural state.
Carpet stretching is one of our most popular services. The most common reason for a carpet needing to be re-stretched is due to poor installation which is the main cause of wrinkles, buckling, ripples, waves and bumps appearing in certain spots. These loose carpet issues make carpet cleaning difficult and are a trip hazard when found in high traffic areas or where found in floor to carpet transitions. This is a potential lawsuit waiting to happen for commercial facilities! Many carpet installers today do not have the proper tools to do the job and in these cases will choose to take shortcuts. Their shortcuts will show over time quickly. It's a shame to have bought a nice carpet only to end up with one that looks unkempt. The solution to this problem is carpet stretching, or "re-stretching", as it's commonly called by some. Carpet is designed to lay flat and tight and when stretched properly, it should ensure a tight hold stay for the life of the carpet.
The technicians at Smart Touch Carpet Repairs are professionally trained with years of experience and always use adequate equipment to deliver quality carpet repairs for every customer that use our services in Acworth, Georgia and surrounding communities. The proper way to stretch carpet is with the help of a carpet "power stretcher". A power stretcher is a heavy tool that requires setting up and breaking down in every room our installer serves. This is a step many installers would rather avoid as it means more time for the installer at a job site. We never cut corners, we only stretch them as tight as before, or even tighter for better performance from both the carpet and padding! We stand by our guarantee. We do kindly ask that you move any valuables such as furniture, lamps, computers and electronics, etc. before our technicians arrive. We do not recommend stretching any rooms of carpet until all pieces of furniture are moved out of the room to ensure no stress point or damage to the carpet is formed.
If you would like to receive an estimate over the phone for carpet stretching please give us a call. Optionally, you may submit your information online using our contact form. We may ask for room dimensions of the room(s) you are having issues with and the type of sub floor you have currently. Are there any seams that need to be repaired prior to stretching your carpets? Are there any irregular shapes such as low shelving, fireplaces, etc. that we must work around? Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone if this is an emergency. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to assist you with your carpet stretching questions and needs!

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