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Pet Damaged Carpet Repairs
Some people feel pets are a necessary part of their life. Although when they create havoc on their carpet it can be very costly. Normally this territory comes with owning a pet and owners know to expect it! Pets tend to urinate, dig, scratch, and constantly claw or chew just about anything within a paws reach. This can become very annoying for the owner especially when it comes time to repair the damaged spots. These are everyday issues that we see and must handle on a regular basis with customers needing our pet damaged carpet repair service.
Smart Touch Carpet Repairs guarantees results. Our qualified experts can provide carpet repairing options and solutions to remove stains and odors from pet damaged carpets when they get nasty. Most people think they must replace their entire room of carpet with new but this is not always true. As with any repair the cost is always determined by the level of damage the carpet has sustained over time. Some repairs may be minimal while others may be more severe, especially if the damage exists at the sub flooring.
For stubborn permanent stains, our carpet repair technicians can replace damaged carpet with remnant carpet left over from the initial install or a piece from a closet or under a piece of furniture. Although, when a cat urinates on carpet you have no choice but to cut the urine stain out along with the padding and clean the floor below it. Cat urine will never stop stinking until you replace the carpet and pad. Normally this means that replacing the padding will also be highly advised by our specialists and your only option moving forward if you wish to properly fix the issue at the source. For more extensive staining with persistent odors caused by urine, our expert technicians can remove the affected carpet along with the carpet padding before cleaning and deodorizing the floor under the carpet.
Smart Touch Carpet Repairs know how to correctly address all these problems when it comes to pet damaged repairs, With a simple phone call or by contacting us online we are happy to address your problems quickly. With our wealth of knowledge, years of training and certifications held we are the by far the best company to call in Acworth, Georgia. We promise the job we do for you is completed right the first time! We look forward serving you soon and welcome the challenge you bring!

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