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Carpet Patching
Are permanent carpet stains embarrassing you and ruining the overall appearance of your home or office? Smart Touch Carpet Repairs and our carpet repair technicians are here to help with both residential and commercial carpet patching needs. Carpet patching is cost effective and our carpet repair technicians will ensure that the long-lasting patches used are always a perfect fit and will not show any form of overlapping or possess gaps at the seam. We can easily fix any carpet to floor transition to ensure there is never a trip hazard for your visitors. Currently we only use proven industry standard techniques along with state-of-the-art tools and equipment when installing, patching, or repairing your carpet.
Smart Touch Carpet Repairs observes carpets daily where carpet patching techniques are needed in order to get them back to industry standard for the customer. These techniques are normally performed for problematic carpet burns, permanent stains that can't be removed, tears or rips in the carpeting, poorly performed carpet seams and pet damaged areas. These type carpet patch repairs are completed with the help of left over carpeting from the original carpet installation or from carpet located in a closet that is never seen. We often refer to these patches as "bonded inserts". These inserts are often hard to detect to the naked eye and do hold up to normal wear and tear once repaired. It is also possible to re-stretch a room of carpet in order to collect the excess carpet and use that to install the smaller patch where needed.
Do you need your carpet patched? Do you have carpet patching questions not answered on our website? Give us a call today and we will make it as simple for you as possible!
To receive an over the phone quote for carpet patching, please call our office or you may use our online contact form at any time. All inquiries will be answered in the order in which they were received. We look forward working with you and are ready to assist you with all your carpet patching needs. We will do it right the first time!

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