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Carpet Burn Repairs
Have you recently discovered a carpet burn in your home carpets caused by a cigarette, hot iron or curling iron, heating lamp, fireplace embers, or possibly a fallen light? All of these can play havoc on your carpets when it only takes a second for them to make their mark for life. So what can be done if a burn should occur in your carpet? You should let Smart Touch Carpet Repairs correct your problems. Many ask us if there is a way to repair the carpets even if the carpet has been discontinued? Sure! Of course they can be repaired! We have many unique solutions to fixing these annoying spots so that it will look normal again to you and all who visit for business or fun.
So how are the burns be repaired you may ask? Repairing of burn spots can quickly be fixed as long as you have enough extra carpet to replace the problematic area(s). If you do not have an available remnant piece of carpet left over from your initial carpet installation our repair experts will attempt to patch your spots by using a small piece of carpet from inside a closet or underneath a piece of furniture that would never be moved to replace the burnt areas. This is normal for installers to do in many cases especially when specific shades of carpet have been discontinued or can no longer be found anywhere nearby or online.
Given the chance our carpet burn repair experts can make these patches nearly invisible to the naked eye. Smart Touch Carpet Repairs guarantees our work from start to finish to ensure the customer has zero fears or worries whatsoever when it comes to our services being completed right the first time!
If you have a carpet burn that needs repairing please feel free to contact us online or by phone. We are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to assist you! We look forward repairing those pesky carpet burns for you soon!

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