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Pad Installation & Upgrades
Are you a homeowner needing your carpet padding replaced or upgraded due to its loss of support? Has your family pet had too many accidents on your carpet over the years and you have odors that simply will not go away? Did you experience a plumbing leak or water damage flood that ruined your carpet pad and need for it to be replaced urgently because you feel it is affecting your breathing? Smart Touch Carpet Repairs can help with any of the most common situations described with just a simple phone call today! Our specialists are professionally trained on how to properly deal with replacing carpet padding that has seen its better days due to pet damage or urination, water damage or flood damage, or ruptured water pipes or leaks from faulty plumbing issues. Upon arrival our team will first access the damage described by the customer and advise on the most affordable fix with all information considered.
If the damage spawned from leaky pipes or basement flooding that has gone days unnoticed the padding will show signs of mold and/or mildew especially in humid conditions. These are considered unhealthy living conditions and should be corrected immediately! Our team can quickly replace your padding with the correct thickness or an upgraded size. We will then properly re-stretch your carpet back into place or patch the area.
If your problems are from a pet digging, clawing, scratching, or biting their way to your sub floor it is a good chance your padding is seriously damaged. Smart Touch Carpet Repairs is happy to step in and assist you with this task! We can quickly repair the small area of padding and provide a carpet patch to make your carpets look normal again. If we should find that urination has also affected your padding or foul odors exist our team will advise to replace the soiled and unsanitary padding. We will also ensure that we eliminate the surrounding bacteria by applying a sealant before installing the new padding.
Do you have additional questions about our carpet pad installation, upgrade or repairs process? Would you like to receive a quote from us? You are welcome to contact us online or you may call our office directly. We will be glad to assist you. Upon calling we may request details such as the area size that needs replacing or if the padding is installed on a wood or concrete sub floor. Please keep this in mind! Our office is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to serve you. We look forward hearing from you soon. Thank you for considering our services.

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